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New Combat Log Analysis Tool



There is a new World of Warcraft Combat Analysis project -

Key Features:
* Guild Raid Sessions Management - Easy navigation.
* Multi-Team Guild Support - Manage all teams under a single or many account sharing the same guild association.
* Role Detection.
* Attempt Overview Report - Output pies, Tank/Raid Healing Responsiveness, Major events, Synchronized Zooming and Role Cast.
* Meters and Histograms Reports
* Raid-wide Reports - Raid wide reports using a stacking bar chart format.
* Encounter Mechanics Performance Reports - Auto generated mechanics reports.
* Comprehensive Comparison System - Output/Mechanics in both Raid/Players modes.
* State of the Art Raw Log Browsing System - Full SQL support for filtering.
* Guild and Player Search Tool - Quick access to a Player statistics Page or to a Guild Session Index.
* Ranking system - World/Location/Realm and Multiple Class Specs Support.

Official Europe WoW Forums Thread:

Home Page:

Demo Sessions:

Author of raidlogs

I checked this site out and it looks pretty good.
The biggest feature that it has is a Raw Logs browser...which I know a few people were asking about how accomplish this on WOL.

Here is a link to Blood legion's logs.


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