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Sample Application
« on: April 06, 2009, 04:24:19 PM »
This is only a sample. The actual application can be found here:

Character name and server: Boevis on Lightbringer
Class: Druid
Spec applied for: Feral
Professions and level: 450 Leatherworking and Enchanting
Armory link:
Days played: 365
Days played at 80: 30
Gold on account: 20,000

Q: Are you the original owner of your account?
A: Yes

Q: Tell us about yourself. Include your age, time-zone and level of education.
A: SWM DBF no greek, 28 years old living in Bellingham, Washington, I like long walks on the beach, skiing, and biking even though I tend to wipe out once a month,  I did 2 years of college here, unemployed for now (at least I can play WoW a lot)

Q: Who referred you or where did you find our recruitment post?
A: I was looking for a new guild to suit my level of play and followed the link to your forums from the LB realm forums.

Q: How would you describe your progression in Wrath? How many raid achievements are you missing? Why are you missing them? List heroic and non-heroic.
A: I'm missing a lot of pvp achievements because DK's and Hunters are overpowered, I'm only missing Immortal because of other people Disconnecting.

Q: How would you describe your progression in The Burning Crusade? Sunwell Experience? Please indicate pre and post-nerf progress in detail.
A: Fully cleared every instance in TBC with everything down pre-nerf including M'uru and all the attunement keys.

Q: What role(s) do you usually fulfill while raiding? Please describe your duties in detail.
A: Pre-BC I was a resto druid, because anything else was stupid until Naxx.  TBC I went feral for tanking but often respecced for DPS or Healing as needed.  Currently I'm primarily melee DPS because you never need more than 3 tanks for raid content, my DPS Spec allows me to off-tank in a pinch, but I respec to Main Tank Sartharion and various 10 man raids.

Q: What is your DPS/HPS/TPS? Please list a sample rotation and explain why you use that rotation. If you do not have a set rotation then please explain which spells you use and why. Please be very specific. WWS and WMO parses are very welcome here.
A: That depends significantly on the fight and my buffs, I can break 5.5k DPS on Patchwerk with a decent group but fights with significant movement like Sartharion, Grobbulus, and 4H drop me down to 4k and heavy downtime fights like Heigan and Gothik drop me even further, I'm able to get top 20 world placements for my class/spec.  Because our combo point generation is dependent on 2 different Procs, there is no rotation for catform, only several priorities and if:then values.
I keep Feral Faerie Fire up because it lowers the targets armor thus increasing the raids physical dps, of my CP generating abilities, I use Mangle (increases all Bleed, Shred, and Maul damage by 30%) every 18 seconds to keep the debuff on the target, Rake (bleed effect) every 9 seconds because it's my highest damage per energy attack, and use Shred with any excess energy and with Clearcasting procs.
Of my finishers, I keep Savage Roar (40% more AP) on myself with ~3 CPs and Rip (Highest DPE Bleed) with 5 CPs, I pool energy and when I get to a point where I have 5cp, 35 energy, SR and Rip both have at least 6 seconds left each and ~18 seconds left combined I use Ferocious Bite.  I use Tigers Fury (+60 energy) every 30s with energy <30 and Berserk (1/2 cost on abilities) every 3m with energy >80 (I time the cooldowns to overlap so I can TF-Berserk)  It is usually preferable to not use Berserk at the same time a Bloodlust or Speed potion is being used because haste effects increase my chance for clearcasting which has a reduced effect during Berserk.
On any fight with AoE, I will keep up FFF and use Mangle and Rake to keep up SR, the rest of my energy goes into Swipe (cat) which is currently the highest DPS AoE in game when combined with TF and Berserk


Q: What are your most important stats and why? Please be very specific. List your most important stats in order.
A: Hit and Expertise are the most useful stats, but they cap early (263 hit, 132 Expertise for druids)  Ability misses waste 20% of the energy used and can mess up my rotation and can ruin my DPS if I miss a finisher just before a phase change (Malygos/Sapphiron flying) missing white attacks also reduces my clearcasting procs.  Strength is next best because of the massive scaling through buffs and talents, 1 Str ends up giving me 3.95 AP which increases every aspect of my DPS.  Agility and Armor Penetration come next.  Agility increases my AP slightly (1.975 per point) and also increases my crit by .014% per point, but since so much of my damage is from Bleeds crit isn't worth as much as more AP, though it does increase my CP generation.  Armor Penetration gets better as you get more of it, normally it would be a terrible stat because it doesn't affect my Bleeds, but Grim Toll is the 2nd trinket to use after Greatness because of it's hit, and it provides significant Armor Penetration as do 3 other Best in Slot pieces (Head/Shoulders/Chest).  Haste and Crit are terrible because they do nothing for bleeds and don't scale directly with any buffs.

Q: Which glyphs do you use and why? Please be very specific.
A: There's only 2 Glyphs that actually affect my DPS, Glyph of Mangle increases the duration of the Mangle debuff by 6 seconds so I don't have to use it as often (Mangle is my lowest DPE ability), and Glyph of Rip increases the duration of Rip by 4 seconds which combined with 2t7 increases Rip from 12sec to 20sec which is not only 2/3 more damage per Rip, but also gives me a lot more leeway with what abilities I use.  My 3rd Glyph is usually Frenzied Regeneration so that when I do go bearform I have a cooldown that makes me a lot easier to heal (also good in PvP).

Q: How often do you re-spec and why?
A: Sometimes twice a night, but I've never done it more than 10 times a week.  I also reglyph, regem and re-enchant a couple key items.  I'm often called on to Tank Sartharion+3 and 10 mans, and I Arena every week, and since I have the money I'd prefer getting the best out of what I have.

Q: Are you aware of any changes to your class being introduced in any upcoming patches? How do you plan to adjust? Please be very specific.
A: Savage Roar becomes +30% damage instead of +40% AP, a Talent (Primal Gore) is being added to allow Rip and Lacerate to crit, Improved Mark of the Wild is changed to add 1% to all stats per point.  Glyph of Shred will increase Rip by 2s per Shred up to 6s, Glyph of Savage Roar will increase SR by 3%, Armor Penetration is being increased in effect by 25% and Haste is being increased in effect by 30%.  Sunder and Faerie Fire (and similar effects) are being changed to % based reductions and Boss Armor is increasing slightly.

The SR change devalues Str and increases Agi, ArP, Crit, and slightly Haste, Primal Gore further increases Agi and Crit, but the Glyph of Shred and flat 25% increase to ArP means that's the main stat of choice in 3.1 for sockets.  Glyph of Shred and Glyph of Savage Roar will replace Glyph of Mangle and Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration.

Q: Which add-ons do you use and why? Please be very specific. Provide a screenshot of your UI.
A: AckisRecipeList - I'm a collector of recipies and this tells me where to get ones I'm missing
Atlasloot - useful for looking up boss drops
Auctioneer - Only enabled on my banking alts to make AH work easier
Bagnon - All in one bag/bank
Bartender - Action Bars
Bigwigs - Boss timers
Cartographer - I dislike the default Map preventing you from doing anything else
Chatter - Allows clicking of urls and items in chat, makes whispers harder to miss
DoTimer - Debuff timer
Enchantrix - Tells me what an item is likely to Disenchant into
FaceMauler - A no brainer Feral addon, watches your buffs and targets debuffs and advises what abilities to use next
FishingBuddy - easy casting, I catch my own food
FuBar - Bag Space, gold, clock, FPS, latency, and auto-repair
GatherMate - tracks various nodes for gathering professions (primarily on alts)
Gladius - Arena Unit Frames, tracks ability/trinket cooldowns of enemies
Grid - Raid Frames
HeadCount - Tracks Raid attendance, boss kills, and loot
ItemRack - Easy outfit switching
Omen - Loud noises tell me when I'm about to pull aggro
OmniCC - Ability cooldown timers
oRA2 - Main Tank frames
Quartz - cast timers with stopcast
Recount - Damage and Healing meter
sct - Lets me know when Clearcasting procs and other buff/debuff gains
TrinketMenu - Easy trinket switching and macro
Xperl - Unit Frames

Q: How much experience do you have in PVP, specifically Arena? Are you capable of fast reactions and making on-the-fly decisions?
A: I grinded to Warlord in the old PvP system, in Arena I've been able to break 2k rating every season in which I had a regular partner.  Yes, I trinket Blinds, intercept heals, and cyclone DPS that pop cooldowns with regularity (except rogues and hunters because getting caught in caster is fail)

Q: How many raid nights would you be able to make every week? Are there any personal conflicts with our raid schedule that would hinder your attendance?
A: I'll be at every raid if it's possible for me to be online.  There's very few things that I consider more important on raid nights, but Family and my Health do come first, the later has caused issues in the past but it's impossible to predict.

Q: How often do you play, not including scheduled raids?
A: The only nights that I don't log on are Friday and Saturday, and even then I'll stop in to do dailies and check auctions.  Aside from that I spend 12 hours a day online.

Q: Please list any alts including class and level.
A: Chloroform 72 Rogue, nothing else of remotely useful level.  I have Bank alts on both factions as well as alts at the neutral AHs.

Q: Would you describe yourself as more casual or more hardcore and why?
A: I'm pretty ridiculously hardcore, I'm in the top 300 in the world for achievements with the majority of the ones I have left being inevitable but difficult grinds like 100 AV wins which is nigh impossible on my server for Horde.  I'm active in the EJ theorycrafting community and min-max everything I do.

Q: What guilds have you been in and for how long?
A: Ashen Souls 4 months while leveling, Silent Reality 15 months, Scenites 6 months, Tupan Techno 2 years 3 months

Q: Why did you or why do you want to leave your current guild?
A: I seem to be the only one that actually cares enough about helping other people get their achievements done to put groups together, and I really just don't get along with the leadership who seem to be perfectly ok letting terrible players continue to be terrible, but yell at me for trying to correct other people's mistakes.  With Ulduar upcoming, I'd rather be in a guild that appreciates dedication and hard work more than simply being "a really nice guy".

Q: What kind of internet connection are you using (Cable, DSL, other) and how reliable is it? How are you connected to your network? Wireless or wired? Are you able to use Ventrilo? Do you have a working microphone? Please list the hardware specifications of your computer.
A: Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4GHz 2.39GHz 2GB RAM GeForce 8600 GTS.  I'm on cable with a wireless/wired hub through Comcast, which means during high activity in my building, my FPS plummets and I have to go tell people to stop downloading porn so I can play video games.

Q: Why do you want to join Tupan Techno?
A: I hate PvP and RP realms, and I need to play on a West Coast server, so Lightbringer was a fairly obvious choice with a very low average ping for me ( <50 )  You guys are at the same level of progression as me, and seem to have a lot of people dedicated to achievements and arena.

Q: Why should we recruit you? Be creative. This is your time to shine. Fraps or interesting anecdotes are welcome but not necessary.
A: Because I'm the best Druid in the game, I'm sure there's people better at Bear, or Cat, or Resto, or Moonkin; but you're just not going to find anyone else who can perform as well as I can at all of those roles, with as high dedication and awareness.  My game knowledge trumps that of the developers, who have made multiple changes to the game based on my work, sadly it's usually changes that end up nerfing me, but that can't be helped because I simply find ways to be the best.

Q: Provide at least 3 references.
A: Darkdarla, Tauraz, Zenathus

Q: When are you able to transfer if approved?
A: I'm already on the server.
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